YouTube Indexing

The YouTube integration tool in Kaltura allows you to index and embed a public YouTube video within your Kaltura Media library for later use in your courses and playlists. The video is not downloaded and uploaded, rather it is played through the Kaltura player. This has the added benefit of suppressing commercials and related videos.

  1. Login to Kaltura via Blackboard or Mediaspace.
  2. To add a YouTube video to your Kaltura My Media Library, click the Add New button and choose YouTube. [The YouTube video must have been set to Public.]
  3. Paste the YouTube URL in the text box. The YouTube video will be scanned and indexed. The title and description will be imported from YouTube.
  4. Edit the Recording Information, including Title, Description, and tags if desired.
  5. Return to your Kaltura My Media page in Blackboard. The YouTube video will now be displayed in your Kaltura My Media library.

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