Viewing Video Analytics

Kaltura's media analytics features allow you to see deep analytics for media that you publish and share. Data points include numbers of views over time, minutes viewed, completion percentages, drop-off rates, geographic distribution. When your media is published to Blackboard, this playback data will also include analytics by specific users. This data is useful in many ways including assessing your media publishing strategies, course-wide and individual student engagement, as well as assessing your media design approaches, such as video length, or the effects of including quiz questions or hotspots in your videos.

To access the analytics for a video you've published:

  1. Login to MediaSpace or Blackboard/Kaltura My Media.
  2. Locate the media that you want to examine, click the media title to open its media page.
  3. Choose the Actions button and Analytics.
  4. Review the analytics in each section.
  5. Use the Filter option to narrow to a specific date or location, use the Export feature to export your analytics for further analysis.
  6. If your video has quiz questions, it will have special analytics related to the quiz questions along with the collected responses.

Guide to Kaltura Analytics

Analytics for Videos with Quizzes

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