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Any video in your Kaltura Media library can be transformed and made interactive by creating a Video Quiz. This is a great way to make your videos more engaging and interactive, and motivate learners to review the content carefully. Quiz question types include Multiple Choice, True/False, and free-response, and can be added at any point in the video. As users answer these questions, the results populate to the video analytics, and if configured and embedded, can be graded and scores passed to Blackboard. Note that at this time, free-response questions are neither graded nor transmitted to Blackboard. Below are the basic steps for creating a video quiz. See the videos below for specific guidance and steps to insert the quiz into Blackboard.

To create a video quiz:

  1. Login to MediaSpace or Blackboard/Kaltura My Media
  2. Select Add New and choose Video Quiz
  3. You will be prompted to select an existing video within which to build the quiz. Click Select next to the video you want to work with. You may also choose Upload Media to first upload a new video from your computer.
  4. When the Video/Quiz Editor opens, first configure the quiz settings in the left panel.
  5. Use the timeline at the bottom of the editor to navigate to the moment in the video you'd like to add a question, then click Add a Question.
  6. Select a question type (Multiple Choice, True/False, Open-Ended, Reflection Point)
  7. Edit the question and click Save.
  8. Repeat for additional questions. Note: Questions should be placed at least 5 seconds apart on the video timeline.  When complete, select Preview to preview the quiz or Done to exit the editor. Kaltura will create a copy of your video that contains the quiz questions you created, the original video will be unaffected.

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