Hiring Students

Follow the steps below to hire a student employee. More information on student hiring categories and salaries is available on Hiring for Different Classifications. If you have any questions, please review the frequently asked questions below or email studentemployment@niu.edu

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    Post the Position

    Post the position on Huskies Get Hired or your department’s website.

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    Interview student candidates.

  • 3

    Candidate Selection

    Select top candidate.

  • 4

    Make an Offer

    Make an offer to your top candidate.

  • 5

    Background Check

    Check the Position Funding Reports in HR Weekly Reports (or request this information from your Business Manager) to see if your position requires a background check.

    • If a background check is required, email HRSCampusSecurity@niu.edu with the student’s name to see if they already have a valid background check on file.
      • If they have an approved background check on file, you will get back an email stating they have an approved background check, and they are “approved for hire.
      • If they do not have an approved background check on file, you will order one through HireRight. Do not send any paperwork to Human Resource Services (HRS) until you have received the “approved to hire” email from HRSCampusSecurity@niu.edu.
  • 6

    PAF and PRF

    Once you receive the “approved to hire” email, create the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and the Position Request Form (PRF) (if needed) and route through the appropriate college and funding sources.

  • 7

    Send Paperwork

    Once all signatures have been obtained, send the “approved to hire” background check email confirmation (if needed), PAF, and PRF (if needed) in one email to studentemployment@niu.edu.

  • 8


    Student Employment processes the paperwork. If the paperwork is a new hire or a rehire, the student will be sent the appropriate “Onboarding at NIU” email to their student email account. This email tells the student how to complete the required online onboarding and I-9 verification processes. Hiring managers are encouraged to follow up with the student about completing these processes; the student will not receive reminders from HRS.

    Sample Onboarding Email

    Welcome, [Student’s Name]!

    We’re excited to have you join our team as a student employee. I wanted to tell you about a few things you need to do before you can start your job:

    1. Visit the HR website to review the steps you need to take before you start work at NIU.
    2. Gather the documents needed to verify your identity and work eligibility.
    3. Notify me when you’ve completed the steps, so I can get you scheduled to start work

    I also wanted to share some information on how you’ll record your work hours and get paid.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,
    [Your Name]

  • 9

    Onboarding Completion

    When the student completes onboarding, the hiring manager will receive an email notification from a designated NIU hiring representative with this confirmation. Please note: The student is not cleared to work at this point.

  • 10

    I-9 Completion

    When the student has verified their I-9 Form, they will appear in the Employee LookUp Tool and are cleared to work. Hiring managers should check the Employee LookUp Tool regularly.

  • 11

    Student Starts Working

    Your student employee can start working. They should not begin work before this point. The student employee’s supervisor should reach out to them about their start date, scheduled hours and departmental onboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted a PAF a long time ago and the student is still not showing up in the Employee LookUp tab; how do I know what is not done on their end?

Once you’ve submitted a PAF with all other required documents and received an email from studentemployment@niu.edu that the student has been sent the rehire/new hire paperwork you’ll want to look for the “congratulations” email noting they have completed the onboarding. If you have received that email and the employee is not showing up on your funding reports or the Employee LookUp Tool, then they have NOT verified their I9. Please follow up with your student as necessary to have them complete these items before starting work.

My student tells me they completed all hiring paperwork, but they don’t appear in the Employee LookUp Tool, what do I do?

It will take Human Resources a few days once all information is submitted to have all students entered into the HR system during peak processing. If your students tells you they have completed onboarding, orientation, and BOTH step 1 and step 2 of I9 processing, please check the Employee Lookup Tool for a day or two.

If they still do not appear, ask the student to email studentemployment@niu.edu to find out what is missing.

Please do not email studentemployment@niu.edu asking if students are cleared to work. The more emails we get about where students are in the process, the longer delays all will face in student employment processing.

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