First Day

On their first day at NIU, give your new employee a warm welcome. Help them feel comfortable in their new workspace by meeting with them and making sure they have the information and resources they need.

First Day Tasks

On their first day, your new employee will be eager to get started. They'll need guidance and information from you in order to begin their duties, but be careful not to overwhelm them. The following tasks will help you get your new employee off to a good start.


  • Confirm that all pre-employment activities have been completed successfully.
  • Ask what name the new employee prefers to go by and introduce them to the department contact/mentor you selected (if applicable) and the rest of your team.
  • Secure additional items the new employee needs to complete their tasks.


  • Conduct a first-day meeting with new employee.

Plan for Next Phase - Week One

  • Schedule time for your new employee to get their parking pass and OneCard, if needed. Consider setting a date for your team members to have lunch with your new employee.

Meeting with New Employee

On their first day, meet with your employee to welcome them and make sure they have the information they need to get started. You can go over their schedule for the week, including any training or activities specific to your department or their position. Be sure to give them the folder in which you've been collecting materials and information relevant to their duties.

Discussion topics include:

  • Their work hours, your department’s office hours, lunch hour, break times and overtime policy/procedure
  • Their job description, specific responsibilities and how their performance will be evaluated
  • Your expectations and how they can meet them
  • Your department’s mission and goals
  • Names of team members and department organizational chart
  • Who your department’s customers are and who supports the department
  • Dress code and any other department-specific policies
  • Who to call when ill or late to work, including necessary forms
  • Emergency procedures, emergency exits and other safety measures


On your employee’s first day, make sure they have an appropriate workspace equipped with necessary supplies.

Take them on a tour of your department and point out any areas relevant to their position, as well as the locations of break rooms and restrooms. Show them where first aid supplies can be found and tell them who to notify and how to secure assistance in case of an accident or injury on the job. The tour is also a good time to discuss safety procedures for fire, evacuation and other emergencies.

Show your new employee how to use communication tools they might need for their job, including phone, voicemail, fax machines, printers, copiers and email. Be sure to show them NIU’s Acceptable Use Policy.

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