Staff Directory


Bill Hodson Sr. Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer 815-753-6565
Brian Smith Director, Employee Assistance Program and Training Center 815-753-6039
Liz Guess Director, Benefits and Payroll 815-753-1347
Pulchratia Lacey Director, Employment Services 815-753-6023
Roselyn Snell Executive Director, Affirmative Action Officer and ADA Coordinator 815-753-6038

Administrative Support

Ann Kenney Business Analyst/Web Content Manager 815-753-1788
Miriah Ranken Business Administrative Associate 815-753-0458
Shay Hanlon Office Manager 815-753-1768

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity

Alan Clay Associate Director, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity 815-753-0951
Linda Kocjan Assistant Director, ADA Accommodations and Program Services 815-753-2324

Benefit Services

Susan Swegle Insurance and Employee Benefits Manager 815-753-5802
Bridgett Davis Benefits Officer 815-753-6318
Laurie Johnson Benefits Representative 815-753-7056
Renee Bechtel Benefits Counselor 815-753-8230
Stephanie Kruizenga Benefits Officer 815-753-6077
Susan Kerschke Benefits Representative 815-753-0094
Vickie Hueramo Benefits Officer 815-753-5071

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Karen Smith Program Services Specialist 815-753-9191
Savili Ngovo Williams Counselor 815-753-1616


Darius Sias Employment Coordinator 815-753-6029
Jessica Seipp Employment Coordinator 815-753-0462

Employee Lifecycle

Vicky Guzman Employee Lifecycle Manager 815-753-5907
Lisa Dienst-Thomas Faculty and SPS Employee Data 815-753-6541
Mary Hoebing Temporary Employment Processing Coordinator 815-753-1394
Philip Terry Faculty and SPS Employee Data 815-753-0455
Randy Young Temporary Employment Processing Coordinator 815-753-7907
Salina Heller Temporary Employment Processing Coordinator 815-753-0144
Sandra Jakubiak Civil Service Employee Data 815-753-6040
Theresa Plazewski Temporary Employment Processing Coordinator 815-753-9404

Testing Services

Vicki Wronkowski Testing Services - Assistant Manager 815-753-6034
Matt McCue Testing Coordinator 815-753-6033

HR Service Centers

Kara Rominski Human Resource Assistant 815-753-6012
Linda Novak Human Resource Assistant 815-753-0456
Yvette Wright Human Resource Assistant 815-753-6028


Sandy Hess Payroll Manager 815-753-6050
Tammy Lexa Payroll - Assistant Manager 815-753-6043
Jaclyn Joiner Payroll Specialist III 815-753-6044
Melody Winter Payroll Specialist II 815-753-2975
Noor Harrison Immigration Specialist 815-753-6373

Training Center

Lesley Gilbert Asst Director, Employee Services HR Development 815-753-9196
Karen Smith Program Services Specialist 815-753-9191

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