Once you have the right team members in place, you can focus on their development. It's important to retain your employees by helping them grow professionally and deal with personal issues. When you invest in your employees in these and other ways, you help build a stronger, more skilled NIU community. One way you can do this is by recognizing employee accomplishments.

Performance reviews are another important way you can help your employees grow professionally. These meetings give you the opportunity to share feedback with your employees and answer their questions. You can also help get an employee's civil service classification updated if their duties and/or qualifications change significantly. 

You may encounter a situation where you need to take steps to correct an employee's actions. Or you may need to respond to an employee's allegation of unfair treatment. We provide guidelines and policies for you to follow to address concerns.

If your employee is facing an issue that affects their job performance, you can provide them with support and information. We can show you how to help employees navigate life events.

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