Address Concerns

Employee Grievances

If you feel you've been treated unfairly by a fellow employee in the workplace, you can seek resolution through the employee grievance procedure. You can use the form on this page to submit grievances related to the following areas:

  • Appeal of a disciplinary action
  • Arbitrary, capricious or egregious treatment pertaining to the application of benefits, terms and conditions of employment, including appeals of decisions regarding salary
  • Dismissal for cause related to positions not covered by a collective bargaining agreement
  • Personnel and performance reviews
  • Salary appeals

Please note exceptions as outlined in the Non-Union Faculty and Staff Grievance Procedures (PDF).

File an Employee Grievance

Use this form to submit a grievance and any documentation. You must submit it within 60 workdays of when you knew of (or should have known of) the alleged unfair treatment.

Alternative Procedures

Academic Freedom

If you're engaged in academic activities, refer to Grievance Procedures for Violation of Academic Freedom to address alleged violations of your academic freedom.

Sexual Harassment or Discrimination

You have the right to report possible act of discrimination, harassment or retaliation. The Ethics and Compliance Office provides information on discrimination and harassment complaints.

Suspension, Demotion or Discharge

If you're an operating staff (civil service) employee who is not in a union, you are not eligible to submit a grievance; you will need to contact your operating staff employment coordinator for assistance with disciplinary procedures involving suspension, demotion or discharge.

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