Unions at NIU

Unions represent a wide range of classifications campus wide as well as each of the regional campuses. The unions are the exclusive representative for the classifications recognized in the collective bargaining agreements, specifically regarding wages, hours and conditions of employment.

Academic Unions

For additional information please contact Academic Labor Relations, David DeThorne at ddethorne@niu.edu@niu.edu or Marlene Bryant at mbryant@niu.edu.

United Faculty Alliance (UFA)

University Professionals of Illinois (UPI)

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Civil Service Unions

For additional information please contact Civil Service Unions, Jesse Perez, director of employee and labor relations, at jperez1@niu.edu or Darek Williams at dwilliams48@niu.edu.


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOP)


Metropolitan Alliance of Police (MAP)

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBCJA)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be represented by a union?

It means that the union negotiates the wages, hours and terms and conditions of your employment collectively. You may no longer negotiate those matters with university administrators (e.g., your department head, dean, etc.) on your own behalf.

Can I remove myself from a bargaining unit?

No, you cannot as long as you are in a covered position. While not all employees may wish to be represented by a union, the university generally is unable to remove an employee in a covered position from the certified bargaining unit.

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