Position Classification Review

Many jobs at NIU are civil service. These positions are classified by their duties/responsibilities and follow hiring and advancement procedures set by the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS).

If your duties and/or qualifications change over time, you or your supervisor can request an update to your classification through a position review. Also called a desk audit, a position review can result in reclassification into a higher position in the same promotional line or reallocation to a position in a different class (refer to SUCSS Statute and Rules, section 250.30, i and j).

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Position Review Procedure

  1. Submission of review request: Submit an updated job description to us through PeopleAdmin. It should include current duties and responsibilities that you've performed for at least 30 days. You can use the existing job description in PeopleAdmin as the basis for your updates.
  2. Job description review: The employment coordinator will review your updated job description. They may meet with you for clarification.
  3. Written recommendation: After analyzing your job duties, the employment coordinator will write a recommendation on the classification title and level. The recommendation will indicate if your position is appropriately classified or if it fits better with another classification.
  4. Notification of no change, or further review:
    • If there's no change in classification, you'll receive a notification email. Compensation changes aren't recommended when there's no change in classification.
    • If a classification change is recommended, it will be reviewed by your divisional vice president and department head.
  5. Review by vice president, department head and committee:
    • If the request is approved by your divisional vice president and department head, we'll submit the results to the Executive Budget Committee. If the request is approved by the committee, you'll receive notification of the approval.
    • If the request is denied by the vice president, department head or committee, the duties that resulted in the classification change must be removed. We'll assist your supervisor and department head with this process.
  6. Implementing the change or appealing a decision:
    • Once approval is secured, you must show that you're qualified for, and pass, the exam for the new classification before it can go into effect. Contact our testing office to make arrangements.
    • You can appeal the result of the position review by notifying us in writing within 20 working days of receiving the result. You may also appeal to SUCSS if you're not satisfied with the campus-level appeal.

Please note: If academic affairs, college level (dean or assistant vice president) and the department are unable to support the reclassification or reallocation of your position, we'll help your department restructure your job so it fits your current classification.

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