Online Teaching Support

A wide variety of programs, resources, and services are available in support of online teaching at NIU, including:

Online Teaching Training

Teaching online is significantly different from teaching face-to-face, both pedagogically and technologically. Keep an eye out for additional events to be added to the training opportunities, including full-day intensive institutes about online teaching, a conference focused on online and blended learning, online teaching community brown bags, and much more!

Online Teaching Consultations

Faculty who are developing online courses or teaching online can meet one-on-one with staff of Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning by requesting a consultation. The consultation process is a partnership and a discovery process that evolves over time.

Online Teaching Resources

Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning maintains a variety of resources for online teaching faculty, including a Quick Start for those who are new to online teaching, online course design essentials, and online teaching principles for success. There is a wide selection of topics and modalities to choose from. These resources are valuable to faculty members designing and developing online courses, as well as faculty specifically interested in preparing to teach online.

Online Course Design Essentials

Online Teaching Principles for Success

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