Online Teaching Consultations

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning offers design, development, and teaching consultation services to NIU faculty and staff.

Teaching Consultations


Faculty who are developing online courses or teaching online can meet one-on-one with staff of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning by requesting a consultation. Consultations can be provided on a one-time or continuing basis, as needed. The consultation process is a partnership and a discovery process that evolves over time. During a consultation, CITL staff can discuss questions ranging from course design (such as learning objectives, syllabus construction, and assessments) to technology use (including Blackboard, web conferencing, multimedia, and more). Staff can also help to informally review existing courses according to quality standards and make recommendations for improvement. 

Consultations may be recommended as part of a personalized framework developed through the concierge-style service. In that case, CITL staff will contact faculty to recommend consultations and arrange for a meeting time and location.

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