Video Production

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so a video is worth… well a lot more.  When you work with your instructional designer you may decide the best way to teach a concept is with a video. Video production is part of the support available to faculty working with an instructional designer. 

In online courses, all video must have accurate transcription. If you are working with an instructional designer to develop a course, we have transcription and captioning services available. 

There are lots of ways to use video in your online courses. Here are some examples to think about:


In order to help your students feel a sense of community it is good practice to provide them with a welcome video, introducing yourself, telling them a little bit about your background, and what to expect in the class they are about to take. In addition, it is considered good practice in online courses to ask students to introduce themselves as well. However, not all students are comfortable using webcams, so that should be taken into consideration when developing your introduction assignment. 

Demonstrate Examples

Your instructional designer will be able to provide guidance on the use of video to demonstrate examples, models, past and current events, etc. Digital video cameras have become inexpensive and easy to use. Video editing software comes bundled with most operating systems, so in some cases you may want to create your own video. You could also get some help from our Video Producer to record and edit your video.

Videos Created by Others

Another way to add video to your course may be to link to a YouTube video or a web site. However, use external videos with caution as video URLs sometimes change or are deleted, and often external video is not captioned accurately (or at all).

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