Developing Online Course Presentations

Faculty who are developing online courses typically want to use PowerPoint presentations just like they do in their face-to-face courses. This can be time consuming, but valuable for students. They feel like they are being taught, instead of learning on their own. 

First, your instructional designer can review your PowerPoint presentation for any issues that might be inadvisable for an online course. This can include due dates or textbook page numbers that might change in future semester, and copyrighted images that have legal restrictions for use. They can also improve the overall look of your presentations, by incorporating a program template, refining or recreating images, and adding some visual polish. 

Your instructional designer will also help you to record audio for your presentation. This can often be done with basic equipment and software. You can record your audio naturally, as though you are speaking live with your students, or you can write a script. If you prefer, you can script the audio for someone else to record for you. 

Once the audio is complete, the instructional design will publish your presentation as a video and add captions so that it is accessible. They will also help to place the completed video in your Blackboard course. 

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