About Curricular Innovation Grants

In line with university goals and priorities, a new Curricular Innovation Grant has been established to provide competitive grants for experimenting with innovative teaching methods such as transdisciplinary learning, virtual reality, digital learning, active learning, inclusive teaching practices, open education resources, or techniques introduced in the ACUE course on Effective Teaching Practices. This program was piloted in 2023 as an initial step in a multiyear effort to further inspire and incentivize curricular innovation and experimentation.

Grant recipients receive a stipend and guidance from a CITL staff member to support the innovation. All full-time faculty, including tenured and tenure-track faculty, instructional faculty, and clinical faculty are eligible.

2024 Grants

For the 2024-2025 academic year, the curricular innovation grants will focus on targeted support for developing general education courses for online delivery. This is a strategic effort to promote innovation in our online learning opportunities and to ensure students could complete a fully online undergraduate degree. In lieu of an open call for proposals, CITL is working directly with university and college leadership to identify courses that align with strategic priorities.

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