Undergraduate Semester Withdrawal Procedures

Students seeking a semester withdrawal from the university must initiate the semester withdrawal process with their major college advising office during the semester in which the student wishes to withdraw.

International students are required to comply with SEVIS Rules and Regulations by providing documentation to the International Student and Faculty Office. Prior to requesting a semester withdrawal through their college advisement office, all international-status students must contact the International Student and Faculty Office at 815-753-1346.

All other students who semester withdraw from the univeristy are required to:

  • Semester withdraw from the university through their college advisement office by filling out the semester withdrawal form.
  • If you live in a university residence hall or apartment, you must formally cancel your housing contract with a contract release and properly check out from your residence within 24 hours of semester withdrawal from the university. This includes removing your personal items, returning your keys, and going through the room inventory with a staff member. Students will continue to accrue charges if belongings are not removed.

College Advisement Offices

College of Business
Barsema Hall 201
Margaret (Margee) Myles, Director
Undergraduate Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Zulauf Hall 201
Steve Estes, Director
Academic Advising

College of Visual and Performing Arts
Music Building 303
Ed Klonoski
Associate Dean

College of Law
Swen Parson
Julie Mahoney-Krzyzek
Registrar and Director of Academic Records and Payroll

College of Education
Gabel Hall 138B
Christopher Lowe, Assistant Director
COE Student Support Services

College of Health and Human Sciences
Wirtz 227
Nicole Holland, Interim Director
Academic Advising

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Engineering Building 126
Mark Pietrowski, Director/Advisor
Central Advising Office

Undeclared Major
Academic Advising Center
Michelle Pickett, Director