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Undergraduate Affairs oversees UNIV (University) courses that are open to all undergraduate students in all colleges.

UNIV 101 University Experience

This introduction to the university experience helps first-year students adjust to life as a student at NIU.

Students who enroll in this elective, one-credit, 16-week course will:

  1. Explore the impact that well-being has on academic, personal and career success.
  2. Identify and utilize academic support services and resources including peer academic coaching, tutoring, the University Writing Center and more.
  3. Explore opportunities in building social health and engagement in the NIU community and learn about the connection to well-being.
  4. Enhance communication skills in various settings including communities, classrooms and potential workspaces with peers, staff and faculty members. 

UNIV 201 The Transfer Experience

Transfer students are invited to enroll in this elective, one-credit, 16-week course to help adjust to being as a student at NIU. This course currently is being redesigned – more details, soon! 

UNIV 301 Braven Leadership and Career Accelerator

Students are invited to take UNIV 301, a three-credit elective course to help you build your skills, networks and confidence to secure an internship or strong first job. This opportunity is available through a partnership with Braven.

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