Undergraduate Affairs

The Office of Undergraduate Affairs assists the Executive Vice President and Provost in achieving the academic mission of the university. Undergraduate Affairs coordinates activities pertaining to the undergraduate curriculum as well as to undergraduate academic standards and admissions policies. We oversee undergraduate academic support units, curriculum planning and the preparation and editing of the undergraduate catalog. The vice provost also coordinates for NIU, certain state and institutional initiatives related to undergraduate education, currently including the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), the selection committee for Presidential Teaching Professors and the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards.


  • Promoting student engagement through experiential learning inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Increasing student success through student-centered academic support, enrichment and curricular programs.
  • Improving retention and graduation rates through student-centered academic enrichment and support services.

Organizational Chart


Contact Us

Alicia Schatteman
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Jeanie Sparacino
Office Manager

Ian Gawron
Curriculum Coordinator and Catalog Editor

International Student Scholar Services

Jeanie Sparacino Office Manager jsparacino@niu.edu
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