Regulations of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees regulations cover university operations and adhere to State of Illinois laws.

Table of Contents

Article Description
Article I. Introduction
Article II. Organization and Operation of the Board of Trustees
Article III. The Board of Trustees and Northern Illinois University
Article IV. Board Legislation
Section I: Academic Programs
Subsection Description
Subsection A. University Calendar
Subsection B. Degrees
Subsection C. Program Approval
Subsection D. Academic Planning
Subsection E. Grants and Contracts
Subsection F. Oral English Language Proficiency
Section II: Faculty and Administrative Employees
Subsection Description
Subsection A. Appointments
Subsection B. Conditions of Employment
Subsection C. Salary Administration
Subsection D. Benefits
Subsection E. Sabbatical Leave
Subsection F. Retirement
Subsection G. Staff Reductions
Section III: Civil Service Employees
Subsection Description
Subsection A. Appointments
Subsection B. Wage and Salary Administration
Subsection C. Benefits
Section IV: Students
Subsection Description
Subsection A. General
Subsection B. Student Records
Subsection C. Affirmative Action
Subsection D. Residency Status
Subsection E. Student Financial Aid and Opportunities for Employment
Subsection F. Intercollegiate Athletics
Section V: Financial Affairs
Subsection Description
Subsection A. Appropriations Process
Subsection B. Obligation of Financial Resources
Subsection C. Travel Regulations
Subsection D. Nonappropriated Funds
Subsection E. Campus Traffic
Subsection F. University Vehicles
Subsection G. Internal Budgets
Subsection H. Annual Financial Reports
Subsection I. Not-for-profit Corporations
Subsection J. Contributions to the University and Not-for-profit Corporations
Subsection K. Tuition and Fees
Subsection L. Reimbursable Business Expenses
Subsection M. Campus Mail Service
Subsection N. Tax-deferred Compensation Plan
Subsection O. Administrative Closings
Subsection P. Intellectual Property Rights
Section VI: Physical Facilities
Subsection Description
Subsection A. Real Property
Subsection B. Capital Projects
Subsection C. Naming of Facilities
Section VII: Other Operational Matters
Subsection Description
Subsection A. Legislative Affairs (Governmental Relations)
Subsection B. Collective Bargaining
Subsection C. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance
Subsection D. Legal Representation and Indemnification
Subsection E. Legal Proceedings and Actions
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