Appeal for Tuition and Fees Exception Reimbursement

The Appeal for Exception Reimbursement form should be completed if you are an undergraduate student who has a semester or course withdrawal and are requesting an exception to the formal reimbursement policy. The withdrawal(s) should be processed and reflected on your transcript before submitting the appeal form.

This appeals process applies only for a reduction in tuition and fees. Housing appeals (PDF) are handled by Housing and Residential Services. Undergraduate academic dismissal appeals are handled by the student's major college advising office.

The date of last attendance and corresponding withdrawal schedules for reduction of charges is used in the appeal process.

For exceptions based on medical or physical reasons such as serious injury/illness, chronic illness or mental health, complete the Student Application and Authorization Medical Documentation Form (PDF) and submit it with your appeal.

For exceptions due to military service, provide the Office of the Provost with a copy of your military orders.

If you feel an exception should be made because of reasons of hardship, such as financial hardship, please provide all evidence to support your appeal (e.g. emails with advisor, screenshots of communication, obituaries and any proof to support your case).

Appeals must be received no later than one year following the term in which the semester or course withdrawal(s) were processed.

Appeal for Exception Reimbursement form