Learning Space Design

Each year the learning spaces teams will evaluate and prioritize learning spaces based on utilization, trouble tickets, age of equipment, and other feedback received. Departments and colleges can also submit requests via the online Learning Space Form. Enhancements and updates will be student-focused, considering the pedagogy, technology and space available.

Once the prioritization has been determined, the following steps will occur:

  1. The team will review the list of spaces and determine the enhancements (paint, furniture, technology, etc.) and work with the applicable partner to determine the estimated cost.
  2. The list will be reviewed with the executive team and published on the Learning Spaces website.
  3. Communication will be sent to stakeholders to solicit feedback on the updates.
  4. The final list will be placed on the website, and statuses will be updated throughout the update period.

This graphic shows the importance of integrating pedagogy, technology and space into the student experience. It notes that space inspires pedagogy, pedagogy is amplified by technology and technology enhances the space. At the same time, pedagogy is supported by space, space infuses technology and technology enriches pedagogy. All of this impacts the overlaps with the student and enhances their experience.

Inspired by Wake Forest University Learning Spaces

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