Spring 2021 Survey on Graduate Teaching Assistant Support

We surveyed all NIU graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) during spring 2021 about their teaching and teaching with technology support needs, with the goal of learning what programs, services, resources and recognition they found most useful. 1,040 GTAs were invited to participate in the survey and 296 responded, for a response rate of 28%. The following disaggregated summary can be filtered by college or department.

Additional Feedback

GTA Workload/Balance, Time Management

Working with supervising professor

Dealing with difficult students

Culturally Sensitive Teaching; Inclusive Teaching

Community Building

Learning through Failure

STEM Online Teaching

Improved Teaching Effectiveness

Teaching with Technology

Grading Strategies; Assessing Student Work; Providing Feedback; Rubrics

Student Engagement Strategies; Increasing Student Engagement; Interacting with Students

Increasing Blackboard Proficiency

Online Group Work

Synchronous Online Sessions

Content Creation/Curation; Video Creation

Course Design

Providing Student Support

Syllabus Design and Creation

Lecture Best Practices

High Impact Practices

Ensuring Academic Honesty

Subject-Specific Teaching Strategies

Communicating with Students

Developing Student Research

Career development; Career Planning


Diversity and Social Justice


Security and Privacy


Stress Management


Substance Abuse

“I would love to have much clearer guidelines and expectations from my department in terms of how I can be effective and help the students reach their highest potential.”

“Thanks for your work in trying to improve the work of educators at NIU.”

“Somehow a bit more push to join workshops. I've had many TAs in my department complain about lack of training but have not attended any workshops. Pedagogy workshops would be especially effective. Maybe a push for department heads or supervisors to recommend attending?”

“I hope there will be more activities for international students."

“It was a very useful experience for me teaching as a GTA. I hope to keep working as a GTA with my department."

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