Fall 2020 Survey on Teaching with Technology and Support

We surveyed all faculty, teaching staff, and graduate teaching assistants during fall 2020 about their teaching and teaching with technology support needs, with the goal of learning what services and supports they found most helpful as we plan upcoming programs, supports and services. A total of 2,420 individuals were invited to participated in the survey and 359 responded, for a response rate of 14.8%. The following disaggregated summary can be filtered by college or classification.

Additional Feedback

"Continued training options....so far they have been great. Maybe even just short video clips showing the process for frequently asked questions particularly about Blackboard Ultra. Not just the link to Blackboard's site where they describe what to do, but maybe videos showing the steps."

"Setting up random discussion groups during class."

"I would like to practice the break-out groups from the student perspective - it didn't always go smoothly."

"I'm always eager for more support, but the reality is that during the semester, it is difficult to teach a course and make time for professional development."

"As the semester went on, I realized I could streamline the instruction and provide simplified instructional videos. I'd like to be able to create some kind of interactive asynchronous material that students can engage in."

"Project sharing tools that students can collaborate among themselves with."

"More guidance on how to use smart phones as a webcam. More support on synchronous online teaching methods."

"I don't think there really was support missing. I just know that I wasn't teaching my online class as well as I could have been. Without completely designing the class for online, it was never going to be as good as in person. Time really wasn't in our favor this year."

"Effective engagement in synchronous course sessions"

"Maybe some more opportunities to talk with colleagues to share ideas - what has been working and what hasn't been on an individual level, rather than big picture."

"Preparing students to be online learners and teaching them the tech."

"Breakout sessions and discussions in Blackboard Collaborate"

"Working with the Grade Center to set up weighted classes and to set up for the final grades."

"I think it is less about technology and more about facilitating online engagement and interaction."

"You are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work."

"I attended one of NIU's pre-summer online course academy and found it excellent. Moving to Blackboard Ultra for the first time was very helpful teaching in an online format. I had many comments that students liked how I ran my online course and I feel I owe a lot of that to what I learned during the academy. Many of the strengths that were noted dealt with the organization and availability of recorded mini-lectures, which leads me to the following: I would hope more faculty would make use of the online workshops/academy. I frequently try to get feedback from my student how other classes are going and I hear those that are struggling often come from classes/instructors that are carrying-on full synchronous w/ fully live lectures where technical issues get in the way of learning."

"Anytime I have needed support it has been fast and easily available."

"I would like to commend the staff on providing important and instrumental teaching workshops as well as providing immediate and key assistance when issues arose. This department and team are indispensable to the university!"

"Teaching this semester was enhanced and enjoyable because of the help I received from CITL staff. Taking the summer institute gave the confidence to work with Blackboard Collaborate and and with other technology like Kaltura. Thank you so much; I could not have done it without the center's support."

"Emails to Blackboard Help were answered right away and very thoroughly and clearly, often with screen shots. Great staff!"

"NIU provided me with AWESOME tech support! THANK YOU!"

"I appreciate all I've learned in CITL trainings; you've helped equip me to teach online."

Thank you for doing your best. I look forward to returning to the classroom and using the new technology I have learned sparingly, and not as the only mode of course delivery.

"So grateful for the center. I may not have taken any classes this semester but I did reach out for help and staff always answered my questions. Thank you all."

"The teaching support team is utterly amazing. Kudos goes to every single person on this team.... you have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you for all you do to help faculty!"

"Whereas I did not avail myself of the many technology-related options, I very much appreciated the support that I knew was offered and that was communicated throughout the term. You guys were great."

"I appreciate all the help that you have provided for faculty!"

"One-on-one consultations with center staff was key to success!"

"Thank you for the professional seminars and technical and software support last semester and in the summer! I also used technical and software support this fall. I love being able to schedule a consultation."

"Support from faculty development has been excellent."

"CITL is amazing and always so quick to help. Thank you!"

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