Mid-term Check-in Reflection Questions

The mid-point of the course is a great opportunity to pause and check-in with students on their experience thus far as well as for faculty to reflect on their teaching practices and make adjustments. 

Student Questions for Reflection and Discussion

The following sample questions for reflection and discussion could be developed into a survey form or perhaps have students post in a reflection journal in Blackboard:

  • Has the class met your hopes, dreams, and expectations?
  • What kinds of efforts have you made that have helped you have a positive experience in this class?
  • What might you want to try next to enhance your learning in this course?
  • What are some of the key learnings you've gained from the course?
  • What connections with classmates have been significant for you?
  • How has this knowledge changed your understanding of the world and yourself?
  • In what was can you apply the knowledge you've gained to the compelling issues of our day? 
  • What steps will you continue taking to ensure your success in this course?
  • What adjustments would you suggest your instructor make for the remainder of this course?

Faculty Questions for Reflection

These questions are among those that you can reflect upon to identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for adjustments in your teaching approach and practices:

  • What types of learning community have you helped create in your course?
  • What steps have you taken to develop an inclusive teaching and learning environment?
  • How well are you connecting the material to your students' personal and professional experiences?
  • Are your students gaining a greater appreciation of how your discipline explores the compelling issues of the day?
  • Are your students acquiring the skills to engage in constructive dialogue about the many challenges our world is facing?


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