Power Systems Laboratory

The Power Systems Lab stresses student familiarity and experience with electrically-operated equipment and devices and the wide variety and use of electric motors, generators, speed drive control, transformers and electrical power distribution.

An industrial type Drive Control Trainer teaches students how to operate and troubleshoot a control system with an industrial DC Drive & AC Variable Frequency Drive.

The Electromechanical System is a 0.2 KW low power industrial type trainer and includes AC and DC equipment. All machines have cutaway bell housings to permit visual inspection of the internal construction and a separate power supply including three-phase voltages. They can provide additional applications dealing with various techniques associated with the generation and use of electrical energy.

The Power Electronics Training is a versatile and flexible system that can be used to support a wide variety of power electronics circuits involving Diodes thyristors, IGBT’S, Power MOSFETs and industrial motor drives.

Computer simulation provides a valuable step in the electrodynamics training process using computer software to demonstrate the principles and applications of a specified electric machine. Simulation gives students the opportunity to practice and test their skills before they apply what they have learned to actual laboratory equipment.