B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Industrial and systems engineers are problem-solvers and innovators. They discover ways to improve processes and the production of goods and services. You need both vision and action for a career in this fast-paced field, and you'll get effective training in both at NIU. Our bachelor's degree program will sharpen your eye for efficiency and prepare you to improve productivity in a range of industries.

You can focus your studies by choosing an emphasis. You can also complement your major with a minor and/or certificate.


Health Systems Engineering

This emphasis focuses on the skills and strategies needed to develop plans that advance the quality of health care facilities. You’ll learn how to optimize facility layout and inventory control to reduce costs and improve patient care.

Manufacturing Systems

Learn how to streamline systems and processes in the manufacturing industry with technical courses that focus on Six Sigma skills, product and process design, metrology, and computer-aided manufacturing. You’ll cover the entire manufacturing process, from planning and implementation to inspection and quality control.

Engineering Management

As more and more engineering-related systems become implemented in various industries, companies need people in management positions who have a strong working knowledge of the field. In addition to your engineering curriculum, you’ll take various courses in management and business to prepare you for a leadership role.

Catalog Curriculum

Please note that your course requirements may be different than those listed in the current year's catalog. Be sure to refer to the archived catalogs for the year of your enrollment. Or check with your advisor.

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