College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Honors Program

We've teamed up with the University Honors Program to create a unique, customizable honors program for engineering and engineering technology students. This initiative gives you the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of the university-wide program while individualizing your honors coursework to support your engineering curriculum.

Why We Did It

As a College of Engineering and Engineering Technology student here at NIU, we know that you're hard-working and motivated. Because of your demanding course load, there isn't much flexibility to fit in honors seminars. However, we know your educational and professional goals are as ambitious as you are; so we found a way for you to utilize the honors program while completing your major.

How We Did It

The College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Honors Program was constructed so that you can meet the University Honors Program requirements while simultaneously meeting your degree requirements. During your first two years, you'll select honors courses through the UHP that will apply to your general education or major requirements. After those two years, you can be admitted to the CEET Honors Program where you'll work with department faculty to choose the most suitable upper division honors courses for you.

How You Can Get Started

To participate in the honors program, you must maintain an overall 3.20 GPA and a minimum 3.40 GPA in your College of Engineering and Engineering Technology honors courses. In addition to the required UHP courses, you'll need at least 12 semester hours of upper division honors courses through the college. Contact an honors advisor to find out how you can set yourself up for success with the many benefits of an honors degree.

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Nick Pohlman
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

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