Receiving Notifications

Blackboard can automatically send you notifications for the most important activities in your courses, like assignments that are due soon, new content that is available, activity on discussions, or grades that have been posted.

Notifications on the Activity Stream 

The up-to-the-minute activity stream lets you jump directly into course actions. You don't need to dig through individual courses to search for deadlines or new activity.

blackboard activity stream

Receive reminders. View pending deadlines or overdue assignments, tests, and graded discussions.

Check your grades. Whenever your instructor grades an assignment, test, or graded discussion, you can access the grade in your stream. If your instructor updates a grade, the grade is also updated in the stream.

Learn to juggle. Get a bird's eye view of your tasks across all your courses—then, prioritize!

Filter your view. Use the Filter menu and choose Show All, Assignments and Tests, or Grades and Feedback.

Notifications via Email

You will receive some email notifications from your faculty automatically, such as announcements and messages. All email notifications will be sent to your NIU Z-ID email address. 

You can choose whether you receive email notifications immediately or once a day. Daily email notifications are sent at midnight. 

Email notifications can include new assignments and tests, messages, discussion activity, new content, upcoming due dates, and any due dates you may have missed. 

Push Notifications from the Mobile App

If you have the Blackboard mobile app installed, you can receive push notifications on your mobile device for new content, discussion activity, new grades posted, and upcoming due dates for tests and assignments.

Editing Notification Settings

Access the notification settings on your Blackboard profile by clicking your name in the left-hand navigation menu.

student profile page

You can also access notification settings from the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Activity Stream.

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