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Get a head start on building your Blackboard course with one of our optional course templates! The course templates provide a basic structure for your course based on organizing your content and assessments into a weekly folder structure.


The template is optional for you to use. You can customize, modify, or remove any aspects of the template so that it better suits your teaching. Our hope is for the template to help you get started and to provide some basic information to help you support your students.

The template includes:

  • A welcome page for you to provide information on getting started with the course.
  • A page about you where you can introduce yourself and provide your contact information. 
  • A weekly module structure to organize your materials and assessments.
  • Links to offices that can help to support your students, such as the University Writing Center and the University Libraries.

Requesting the Template

A member of the CITL staff add you to the CITL Template in order to copy the template into your Blackboard course.

  1. Request your course(s) in Blackboard, combining your course into a master course if desired. You could request a shell, instead, if you prefer. 
  2. If you will be using Ultra Course View, convert your empty course to Ultra and confirm the conversion (courses cannot be returned to Original Course View once they have been converted to Ultra Course View).
  3. Submit your request to be added to the CITL template using our Ask a Question form.  

A CITL staff member will add you as a "Copy Only" user to the Template shell and email you instructions for copying the template into your Ultra Course View course or shell.

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