How to Register

Follow the steps below to register for classes.

1. Prepare to register.

  • Resolve any holds on your account before your enrollment date and time. If you have any registration holds on your account, you won’t be able to register. 
  • Review your Academic Requirements Report. Log in to MyNIU to view your report and review your progress toward your degree.

2. Check your enrollment date.

  • In mid-October and mid-March, log in to MyNIU to learn your enrollment date and time (the day and time you can begin to register for a specific semester).

3. Search for courses.

  • Search for courses using either MyNIU or Navigate Student Planner to see what will be offered during the upcoming semester.

4. Meet with your advisor.

Meet with your advisor before your enrollment date. You can find your advisor and schedule appointments through Navigate Student (click Appointments> My Team). You can also set up an appointment by contacting the appropriate advising office:

5. Register.

You may use Navigate Student Planner or MyNIU to  register for classes. You can register after your enrollment date, but the classes you need may fill up quickly.

6. Rent or Buy Books and Course Materials.

  • Huskie Books and Gear offers traditional new and used print books and course materials, the nation's largest course materials rental program, eBooks and much more. We accept multiple payment methods and offer easy return policies aligned with add/drop class dates.

     NIU students who receive financial aid can use their OneCard ID to charge the cost of their books and school supplies to their bursar account. This puts the cost on the bill with tuition and housing that is sent home each semester. Please note that only students who are receiving financial aid can utilize this feature during a specific time period each semester. Book period dates can be found on the OneCard ID Services website.

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