Confidentiality of Student Records

How is Northern Illinois University protecting your education records?

Directory information pertaining to students of Northern Illinois University is never knowingly provided to any requester for a commercial purpose. The Registration and Records office at Northern Illinois University strictly adheres to the policies governing students' education records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 as amended in 1998. Registration and Records maintains a strict policy of releasing student information to only university officials who have a legitimate, university-related educational or administrative interest and need to review an education record in order to fulfill their professional responsibility.

In addition, established policies and federal or state law or regulations are followed with respect to releasing data from education records without seeking consent from students. For example, the university may release information to organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf, of educational agencies or institutions for the purposes of administering student aid programs and improving instruction. For additional information, visit the Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog.

Protect Your Personal Information