Reverse Transfer Credit Policy

Reverse transfer credit is a program designed for students who transferred from select Illinois community colleges to Northern Illinois University without earning their associate’s degree. Credits successfully completed at Northern Illinois University (NIU) are transferred back to your community college and used to determine if these courses will satisfy any remaining degree requirements for your associate’s degree. This is similar to the process on how your credits transferred from your community college to NIU - just in reverse. Your community college will evaluate your NIU work and determine if credits taken at NIU will fulfill any and all remaining requirements for your associate’s degree.

Participating Community Colleges

An associate’s degree is an important milestone in your education as well as a valuable credential to have on your resume. Employers value the associate’s degree as evidence of your commitment to expanding your knowledge and achieving your educational goals. The associate’s degree can make a difference in your long-term success in several ways:

  • It can open the door to better job opportunities, even while you’re still working on your bachelor’s degree
  • It is the nation’s fastest growing academic credential and employers recognize its value when recruiting and hiring

If you transferred to Northern Illinois University from a community college without completing all the requirements for your associate’s degree it may be possible to complete the credits you need using Northern Illinois University courses by reverse transferring your NIU credits to your community college.

To facilitate this for our students, Northern Illinois University has signed formal agreements with the participating Illinois community colleges. Through these agreements, we'll annually evaluate your record and send your NIU transcript to your Illinois community college, specifically for reverse transfer purposes.

Or, you can select your college above for a copy of the Reverse Transfer Transcript Request form. Please complete this form and return to NIU. Once your community college reviews your transcript, if you have earned a degree an updated community college transcript will be sent to NIU.

You can have your community college transcript mailed to this address:

Office of Registration and Records
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

We're working with other community colleges to formalize agreements, but until then, there's no reason why reverse transfer can’t be an option for you as well! All you need to do is periodically request that NIU send your transcript back to your community college. In order to facilitate the process, you may wish to contact the office responsible for evaluating credit at your community college (typically the admissions or registrar’s office) and let them know you're sending your transcript back and would like it evaluated for reverse transfer. There are no costs from NIU to send these transcripts for this purpose.

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