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Social Media Tutorials from LinkedIn Learning

All of is now free to students, faculty and staff. More than 3500 courses are offered. And has been bought by LinkedIn, so you can easily add courses completed and certifications earned to your LinkedIn profile. 

Use your NIU credentials to log into LinkedIn Learning and then access the recommended tutorials below.

  • Social Media Marketing: This series of tutorials offer a variety of content on thinking about social media as a marketing tool for beginners and advanced users. 
  • Facebook for Business: This series of tutorials offer in-depth information for someone who is a beginner on Facebook and tips for advanced Facebook users.
  • Twitter for Business: Again, this series of tutorials offers a variety of content. The more valuable information for current Twitter account managers would be in sections 4-6.
  • Instagram for Business: This is a great series of tutorials on Instagram, they offer excellent insights throughout the whole series.
  • LinkedIn for Business: This is another thorough and helpful series. Any level LinkedIn user could find helpful information. 
  • Pinterest for Business: Sections 5-7 provide the most valuable information for current Pinterest account administrators. 

Additional Resources

Stay up to date on the ever-changing Facebook algorithm with the Buffer Blog.

Likeable Media explains the different social media platforms from the user’s perspective, and from the brand perspective.

For help with image sizing across different social channels, Media Bistro has you covered with this cheat sheet.

Blogger Rebekah Radice has these 4 easy/useful steps to improve your social media images.

If you want to go beyond the analytics that individual social channels provide, check out these tools:

Keep in mind: some offer free versions that will suffice, but others may require you to pay a monthly subscription fee. 

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