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To present a consistent look and feel across the wide variety of social media channels we use to represent NIU, we have created the following guidelines. We recommend that every official NIU account use the same avatar/profile photo to clearly identify each account’s affiliation with NIU. You can further identify your college/department/school when selecting a name for each account and when choosing the cover photo.

Social media naming sample

Naming Guidelines

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube:

  • Northern Illinois University (insert college/department/school)
  • NIU (insert college/department/school)


  • NIU (insert college/department/school)

Social Media Avatars and Cover Photos

Official social media accounts affiliated with NIU should always use the NIU logo with a white background as the avatar/profile picture. NIU accounts run by Marketing and Communications should use the logo with the black background.

Download the logo with a white background, sized for each of the most common social media channels. For questions or logo requests for a specific channel, please contact

Cover photos are a great opportunity to showcase student engagement in your respective college/department/school. Cover photos with students help reinforce the NIU Core Narrative more effectively than pictures of buildings on campus. SocialTimes has created a simple image-size cheat sheet for cover photos on the most common social media channels. If you’re looking for a good selection of cover photos, try the NIU Image Library.

For additional information about social media best practices, visit the NIU Social Media website.

Social media avatars and cover photos
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