NIU Mentions in the News Media

Possible Links between Warming and Tornadoes Are Still Murky
Scientific American, August 22, 2019

Commentary: Does Scabby the Rat cause fear — or is the NLRB inflating the balloon’s power?
Chicago Tribune, August 16, 2019

Why Washing Machines Are Learning to Play the Harp
MSN Money, August 13, 2019

Emotional Intelligence, Robot Rights & WeWork Continues to Grow in Chicago's how to be a better friend
WGN Radio, August 13, 2019

Why You Cry When You're Mad, August 09, 2019

It's Friendship Day. Here's how to be a better friend
CNN, August 04, 2019

Going Blue
Midweek, July 31, 2019

How To Talk About Trump's Offensive Tweets With Someone Who Doesn't See The Problem, July 18, 2019

Professor: Illinois due for a quake
Daily Chronicle, July 17, 2019

Chicago is not tornado-proof. Here’s why
Chicago Tribune, July 12, 2019

Kinzinger's Rising Star Burns A Bit Brighter In Trump Era
Northern Public Radio, July 12, 2019

Study finds severely disturbed habitats have impacted health of Madagascar's critically endangered lemurs, July 10, 2019

A Translator for Baby Cries? Yes, Please
Smithsonian, July 01, 2019

Health Care Policy Since World War I
C-SPAN, June 28, 2019

Artificial Intelligence To Help Translate Infant Cries
Science Times, June 25, 2019

How many collecting Illinois pensions have moved to other states, and how much did they take with them?
Daily Herald, June 20, 2019

Cambodia Captures Cash from Surging Number of Casino Licenses, June 15, 2019

More tornadoes are touching down east of the Mississippi River. If the Midwest is the dartboard, ‘the bull’s-eye is Chicago’
Chicago Tribune, June 12, 2019

Soft Skills And The Liberal Arts Remain Important To STEM Education
Northern Public Radio, June 10, 2019

AI Algorithm That Deciphers the Meaning of a Baby's Cry Created by Scientists
Newsweek, June 07, 2019

If You’re a Natural People-Pleaser, Here’s How to Break Free
Thrive Global, June 07, 2019

How do you teach a machine right from wrong? Addressing the morality within Artificial Intelligence
The Guardian, May 30, 2019

How Illinois' income tax compares nationwide, and how a graduated tax could change it
Daily Herald, May 29, 2019

NIU Professor of Meteorology Walker Ashley on recent extreme weather: It’s surprising how many homes aren’t bolted down
WGN Radio, May 29, 2019

What’s Behind the Recent Rash of Violent Weather?
PBS News Hour, May 29, 2019

3 Dead in Missouri Tornadoes, ‘Extensive Damage’ to State Capital, May 24, 2019

Caputo chosen to become COD's next president
Daily Herald, May 23, 2019

Making the climb
The MidWeek, May 17, 2019

4 Pilots to Test Technologies and Strategies for Transfer Student Advising, May 15, 2019

NIU's engineering students show off finished products at Demo Day, May 08, 2019

Chicago’s Tornado-Proof Delusion
WBEZ, May 04, 2019

NIU receives $1.6 million grant to improve Rockford area math programs
WREX, May 02, 2019

Northern Illinois' Sutton Smith drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, April 27, 2019

NIU's Scharping drafted by the Texans, April 26, 2019

NIU Collaborates With Juvenile Detention Center
Northern Public Radio, April 26, 2019

PPFA Urges House to Pass First Responders Suicide Prevention Act
River Cities Reader, April 24, 2019

Secularists And Catholics Figure Out What To Do With Notre Dame
WBEZ, April 16, 2019

Outpouring of grief over burning of historic Notre Dame Cathedral
Fox 32 Chicago, April 16, 2019

How Work-Family Justice Can Bring Balance to Scientist Moms
Scientific Weekly, April 11, 2019

Students Put Energy Efficient Cars to the Test at Shell Eco-marathon Americas, April 09, 2019

Trump taps NIU law prof, Wheaton and Northwestern grad to be ambassador-at-large
Chicago Sun-Times, April 05, 2019

Should animals, plants, and robots have the same rights as you?
Vox, April 04, 2019

Psychologists: No Easy Fix For Fake News, March 28, 2019

'Political Survivors' considers the legacy of a commission of Nazi concentration camp survivors
Chicago Tribume, March 22, 2019

The bronze-medal mindset helps personal growth
The Maneater, March 19, 2019

Prairie Ridge grad part of team that created NIU's Barsema's Closet
Northwest Herald , March 14, 2019

The battle over the voting booth is just beginning
CNN, March 12, 2019

Laid-Off Chrysler Workers Expected To Be In High Demand
WNIJ/WNIU, March 08, 2019

Four Forecast and Messaging Takeaways from the Southern Tornado Outbreak
Forbes, March 05, 2019

Deadliest Tornado Outbreak in Six Years Hits the Southeast
Smithsonian, March 05, 2019

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