Meet Our Staff

Division Leadership Team

Sol Jensen

Sol Jensen
Vice President
for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications
Altgeld Hall 300

Lisa Miner
Associate Vice President of Institutional Communications/
Chief Communications Strategist
Still Hall 110

Jennice O'Brien

Jennice O'Brien
Assistant Vice President,
University Marketing and Internal Communications
Still Hall 104

Samantha McCarron
Director, Financial Aid
Swen Parson Hall 245

Mayra Lagunas
Assistant Vice President, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Williston Hall 100

Anne Hardy
Director of Scholarships and Student Financial Advising Services
Peters Campus Life Building 260

Jenna Pracht
Director of Orientation and First Year Programs

Marketing and Communications Departmental Staff

Institutional Communications

Name Title Phone Email
Lisa Miner Associate Vice President for Institutional Communications and Chief Communications Strategist 815-753-6069

Janice Steinkellner

Administrative Assistant 815-753-1063

Media Relations and Editorial Content

Name Title Phone Email
Joe King Associate Director 815-753-4299
Jami Kunzer Editorial Writer 815-753-7113
Tom Parisi Media Relations Specialist 815-753-3635
Wester Wuori Associate Director of Strategic Communications N/A

Digital Content

Name Title Phone Email
Wade Duerkes Photography Manager 815-753-6669
Patrick Kunzer Multimedia Communications Associate  N/A
Allison Maurer Associate Director of Social Media N/A
Nicole Montiel Social Media Manager N/A
Jon Sall Multimedia Producer Specialist 815-753-6413
Suzanne Tennant Senior Photographer 815-753-6909

University Marketing and Internal Communications

Name Title Phone Email
Jennice O'Brien Assistant Vice President for University Marketing and Internal Communications N/A
Cindy McCord Administrative Assistant 815-753-0176

Brand Management, Creative Services and University Marketing

Name Title Phone Email
Robin Boyko Director of University Marketing and Brand Management 716-464-0759
Kendal Harvell Assistant Director, Advertising N/A 
Diane Layng Graphic Designer N/A
Tony Wedick Senior Graphic Designer N/A

Campus Promotions

Name Title Phone Email
Mariano Spizzirri Assistant Director, Campus Promotions 815-753-6672 

CRM Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Ted Campbell Associate Director, CRM Operations N/A
Michael Tweed Senior CRM Analyst N/A
Brett McCullough CRM Coordinator N/A

Division IT

Name Title Phone Email
Oliver Korioth Information Technology Lead 815-753-6668
Cindy Oleson Information Technology Associate 815-753-6866

Internal Communications and Clearinghouse

Name Title Phone Email
Andy Pemberton Assistant Director, Internal Communications and Clearinghouse N/A
Michael J. Mackey Marketing Associate N/A
Andrew Board Clearinghouse Associate N/A

Recruitment Communications

Name Title Phone Email
Amanda DeSimon Assistant Director of Strategic Recruitment Communications N/A
Kyle McCord CRM Communications Associate N/A

Web Strategy and Support

Support requests must be made through our web update request form. To ensure a faster response, please don’t directly contact members of the web team for web updates.

Name Title Phone Email
Rachel Xidis Director of Digital Strategy N/A
Brian Walk Senior Web Developer N/A
Holly Nicholson Assistant Director N/A
Matthew Braasch Web Analytics Project Manager N/A
Donnie Forti Web Project Manager N/A
Neil Colwell Web Design Lead N/A
Jory Keller Web Design Lead N/A
Lori Propheter Web Strategy Lead N/A
Jessica Webb Web Support Lead 815-753-6032 
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