Videography is an important way to communicate with today's audiences. By sharing the NIU story through dynamic, engaging videos, we're putting our brand personality into motion. This allows us to create a strong emotional connection with our audience.


For inquiries about video projects, please email Please note, video projects need a longer lead time in order to plan and produce, and Institutional Communications' focus is on videos that impact recruitment and retention. A team member will respond to your inquiry within five business days.

Video Posting Considerations

Faculty, staff and students at NIU have several options and platforms to consider when working with creating and sharing video content. Learn more about video platform options and tools.

Additional Information

Photo Policies

All images taken by NIU photographers are copyrighted Board of Trustees of Northern Illinois University. As such, images taken for any client can be used by the University for other projects.

Portraits cannot be used for political purposes.

Best Practices Regarding University Photography and Personal Privacy

  • Generally speaking, it is permissible to capture university photographic images of people in public places performing public activities.
  • For staged photography set-ups in the residence halls, NIU photographers should obtain signed release forms from the subjects.
  • While shooting photographic images, NIU photographers will respect anyone's request not to be photographed. It is permissible to request that anyone not wishing to be photographed to move, within reason, to a location away from the area of photographic interest.
  • Upon request, NIU will remove any images from a university controlled social media site.
  • If a printed brochure contains objectionable images, future printings will include a replacement image, but NIU will not recall materials already printed and/or distributed.
  • Photoshop manipulation of images of people to create an artificial scene will not be permitted. Clean-up of images using photoshop is permitted, but altering the context of the photograph is not permitted.
  • To the extent possible, reasonable steps should be taken to notify people in advance that photographers will be present and working. This can be accomplished for most predictable public events utilizing signage and printing notices on the backs of tickets.
What to Wear to NIU Photoshoot (for students)

We're excited for you to be part of an NIU photoshoot. Dress in casual clothes. Wear an NIU shirt and bring a plain shirt, or wear a plain shirt and bring an NIU shirt. Your plain shirt should be white, gray, blue or black. It can be a button-down shirt or blouse, or a cotton T-shirt (short- or long-sleeved). Wear jeans, khakis, black pants or capris.

We use these photos for a variety of purposes, so it's best if your clothes are modest and not seasonal. Don't wear:

  • Shorts or tank tops.
  • Busy patterns.
  • Obvious brand names.
  • Other university names.

Additional tips:

  • Bring your backpack if you normally carry it to class.
  • Wear your hair or makeup the way you would when going to class.
  • Bring a brush or comb if you'd like.
  • Feel free to wear a zip-up jacket.

Talent Release Forms

When photographers and videographers are capturing events in public places such as in classrooms or on campus, release forms are generally not required. Institutional Communications requires signed Talent Release Forms from subjects who appear in its productions.

  • Educational productions: When we stage portraits, group shots, or interviews for instructional promotional use subjects who appear in the media production and guest speakers who are taped must sign a release form.
  • Commercial productions: When an image, sound or video segment is recorded for use in a commercial prodcut, all subjects must sign a release form.
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