Annual Assessment Update

The Annual Assessment Update provides a central reporting of programmatic efforts related to student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment. This report was put on hiatus for academic years 2020 and 2021 to support programs during the initial stages of the pandemic. Last year, the Faculty Senate sponsored an assessment task force to review the university’s assessment practices. The task force identified several areas to streamline the annual assessment reporting. As a result, programs now have three options for completing their annual updates.

Feel free to explore either of the Qualtrics links below as you make your choice. You can save your work; however, responses will not be recorded until you hit submit on the last page.

Option 1

Submit 2021-2022 Annual Assessment Update (including guiding prompts)

Option 2

Submit 2021-2022 Annual Assessment Update (without guiding prompts)

Option 3

Programs may submit a copy of an annual report submitted to their disciplinary accreditor, provided this summary includes actions and decisions related to student learning outcomes. Please send a copy to

Annual assessment update reports will be due by June 1, 2022.

Annual Assessment Update Summary Reports