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Accreditation, Assessment and Evaluation

Carrie Zack

Associate Director, Accreditation, Assessment and Evaluation
Swen Parson 316
815-753-0816 |

Facilitates operations and directs initiatives related to accreditation, assessment and evaluation through collaboration with other units within the university.

Tawanda Paul

Senior Research Associate
Swen Parson 316
815-753-1197 |

Supports operations and manages projects related to accreditation, assessment and evaluation.

Institutional Research

Greg Barker

Executive Director for Institutional Research and Analytics
Campus Life Building 120
815-753-4742 |

Oversees the offices of Institutional Research, Decision Support and Analysis, and Testing Services. Manages all aspects of gathering, summarizing, and analyzing data relevant to students, faculty, staff, costs, programs and policies. These analyses include, but are not limited to, reports addressing recruitment, retention, academic equity, program review, accreditation, and admissions. Works extensively with NIU's Chief Diversity Officer to identify academic equity gaps in course completion, retention and graduation.

Jeff Reynolds

Director, Decision Support and Analysis  

Sarah Leis

Associate Director, Decision Support and Analysis

Xiao Bao

Information Technology Technical Associate

Debbie O'Dell

Institutional Research Data Specialist

Jason Reed

Institutional Research Data Coordinator

Pingping Ren

Research Associate

Jun Zhang

Research Associate, Institutional Research

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