Academic Degree Program Assessment

A current and comprehensive assessment plan is essential for supporting student learning. Each degree program is required to maintain an assessment plan that outlines the student learning outcomes for the program and to collect data related to these outcomes on a regular basis. Assessment plans are typically updated every six to eight years on average.

Programs are also asked to submit annual updates and periodic status reports, which are used to provide formative feedback on assessment efforts.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes describe what students will know, be able to do and value by the end of their degree program. These outcomes serve as a guide for the development of assessment plans and analyses of assessment data. View summaries of the student learning outcomes for each program (based on the programs' latest assessment plans, which are listed below and provided in PDF format).

Assessment Plans

Annual Assessment Update

The Annual Assessment Update provides a central reporting of programmatic efforts related to student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment. View more information about annual assessment updates.

Status Report

Status reports for academic degree programs are required approximately every six to eight years (midway through its NIU program review cycle). Status reports are reviewed by the University Assessment Panel, which reports its findings to the Academic Planning Council.

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