Summary of Annual Assessment Update Reports Review

As part of academic degree program assessment programs are asked to submit annual updates and periodic status reports, which are used to provide formative feedback on assessment efforts. The following is a summary of submitted annual assessment updates over the past several years.

Year Number of Programs Number of Programs that Submitted AAUs AAU Submission Rate*
No result
2018-2019 140 130 93%
2019-2020 Not required due to COVID-19 pandemic pause
2020-2021 Not required due to COVID-19 pandemic pause
2021-2022 155 107 69%
2022-2023 111 90 81%

* Beginning in 2018-2019, some programs received exemptions from submitting AAU’s. Instead, these programs used their annual reports to the University Office of Educator Licensure, accreditation self-studies or mid-cycle status assessment reports in lieu of AAU reporting to communicate their annual assessment activities.

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