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The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), The American Council on Education (ACE), The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU), The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), The National Association of System Heads (NASH), and The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) invite leaders, faculty and staff across higher education for focused and practical discussions on effective online instruction.

Webinar Topics and Recordings

These one-hour, live webinars included Q&A with participants and were recorded and hosted by ACUE. Implementation resources related to each topic are available at ACUE’s Online Teaching Toolkit.

Learn practices to effectively welcome students to your online course in ways that support them and let them know that you are committed to their continued success, including the usage of specific methods like video, Q&A and social forums, as well as effective online communication techniques.

View Welcoming Students Webinar Recording

One of the most important aspects—if not the most important aspect—of any student’s learning is you, the instructor. Learn how to more effectively be involved in discussions, respond to questions, provide feedback and encouragement, so students feel more supported and engaged in your course.

View Managing Your Presence Webinar Recording

Students can become confused, frustrated, or disengaged if they find it challenging to simply navigate a course learning environment. Learn how to organize your course from the students’ point of view—using tools like creating a module roadmap, creating a predictable rhythm, and more. 

View Organizing Your Online Course Webinar Recording

Learn techniques to help students get the most out of online discussions. Learn and discuss with online teaching and learning experts how to provide rubrics, create reflection activities, provide strategic feedback and more.

View Quality Discussions Webinar Recording

Microlectures are short (6 minutes or less), instructor-produced videos that are designed using a structured format to provide effective explanations of a single key concept or specific skill set. Learn how to use this format to help maintain student attention and allow students to reengage with the content when and if needed.

View Microlectures Webinar Recording

There are a variety of ways to keep students engaged in the content and help them focus their attention on what is most important. Learn how to use a variety of practices to assess how well they are learning and making key connections, such as using guiding questions, preparing online discussion forums, developing skeletal outlines and more.

View Readings and Microlectures Webinar Recording


Flower Darby

Flower Darby portrait

Director of Teaching for Student Success, Northern Arizona University

Flower Darby, Director of Teaching for Student Success at Northern Arizona University, teaches online courses at the university and at Estrella Mountain Community College. She is the author of “How to Be A Better Online Instructor,” an advice guide published by The Chronicle, and Small Teaching Online, with James M. Lang. An educator with over twenty-three years of teaching and instructional design experience in higher education, Ms. Darby speaks, writes and consults on student learning and success through excellence in teaching.

Kevin Gannon

Kevin Gannon portrait

Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and Professor of History, Grand View University

Dr. Gannon’s teaching, research, and public work centers on critical and inclusive pedagogy; race, history, and justice; and technology and teaching. He writes for Vitae (a section of The Chronicle of Higher Education), and his essays on higher education have also been published in Vox and other media outlets. His book Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto, was published by West Virginia University press in Spring, 2020.

Michael Wesch

Michael Wesch portrait

Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University

Dubbed "the explainer" by Wired magazine, Dr. Wesch is a cultural anthropologist exploring the impact of new media on society and culture. His videos on technology, education, and information have been viewed by millions, translated in over 20 languages, and are frequently featured at international film festivals and major academic conferences worldwide. Wesch has won several major awards for his work, including a Wired Magazine Rave Award, the John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis in Media Ecology, and he was recently named an Emerging Explorer by National Geographic.

April E. Mondy

April Mondy portrait

Instructor of Management, Delta State University

April E. Mondy serves Delta State University (MS) as instructor of management in the Department of Management, Marketing and Business Administration. During her time as student, staff and faculty at Delta State, she has been a graduate assistant, resident hall director, web writer and designer, administrative assistant in the president’s office and management instructor. “As a faculty member, working with hundreds of students annually, I’m building more character, because teaching requires wisdom, discernment and patience. This experience is refining me.”

Alyson Snowe

Alyson Snowe portrait

Assistant Professor, English Department, Community College of Rhode Island

Alyson Snowe has dedicated her teaching and research to building strong writing skills in students from diverse backgrounds. Currently, an English professor at the Community College of Rhode Island, Dr. Snowe teaches online and on-campus in the areas of technical writing, business writing, and composition. Her study, "Exploring the Use of NoRedInk as a Tool for Composition Instruction," examines the social and political dimensions of language and the use of digital media in teaching literacy. Dr. Snowe has a passion for student-centered teaching and connecting student’s personal experiences and their academic learning.

Viji Sathy

Viji Sathy portrait

Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Viji Sathy is actively involved in instructional innovation and faculty development engaging in evidence-based educational practices. She is a national expert on inclusive teaching, speaking widely around the country, writing on the topic and co-founder of inclusifiED.com. Her research involves evaluating the impact of innovative teaching techniques as well as retention in STEM. She regularly teaches undergraduate quantitative courses as course-based research experiences: statistics and research methodology, as well as maker courses and is the recipient of numerous teaching awards, including the campus’ Student’s choice for Best Professor at UNC.

Ludwika A. Goodson

Ludwika A. Goodson portrait

Co-author of Online Teaching at Its Best

Ludwika A. Goodson is an instructional designer with education, design, and evaluation experiences in higher education, including STEM faculty development, classroom, and online learning. She is the co-author of Online Teaching at Its Best.

Catherine Haras

Catherine Haras portrait

Senior Director of the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning, Cal State LA

Catherine Haras is the senior director of the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL) at California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA), where she is responsible for promoting faculty educational development through evidence-based teaching practice. She is a tenured member of the university’s library faculty.

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