Cost and Financial Aid for the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at RVC

Cost Difference

Keep in mind that in the example below, we use the tuition and fees at RVC and NIU for Spring 2016 as the model. A different community college might have different costs and your savings might be higher or lower. Scholarship and financial aid packages can also impact your costs.

Approximately how much will my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree cost over four years?
The cost of eight semesters of tuition and fees at NIU DeKalb $48,856
The cost of four semesters at Rock Valley College plus four semesters at NIU@RVC $32,416
Total Savings $16,440
Calculations are based on 15 credits per semester at each school at Spring 2016 tuition and general fees rates. Books, lab fees, transportation and living expenses are not included.

To estimate your NIU tuition using current rates, use our Tuition Estimator.

NIU Engineering Scholarships

Our College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET) administers more than a dozen scholarships, many of them available to students earning our B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree. For a full list of CEET scholarships, as well as our online scholarship application, visit the CEET scholarship page.

Financial Aid

A range of financial aid options are available, depending on whether you enroll as a full- or part-time student. Our Financial Aid and Scholarships Office can help you determine whether grants, scholarships, loans, or work-study might be right for you.

Don't forget that some employers have tuition reimbursement programs to help their employees, or family members of employees, complete school—so be sure to inquire at your company. And if you're a veteran or service member, see you will find information on Financial Aid information available to you on our VA Education and Benefits page.

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