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At the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, we recognize that our strength emerges from the diversity of our faculty, students and staff. We know that when we bring together a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, opinions, and life experiences along with inter-disciplinary engineering knowledge and skills, we strive to coalesce the creativity required to solve the most complex challenges.

Some of the student organizations that represent our diverse student cohorts include:

  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Society of Women Engineers

CEET core values include initiatives that focus on diversity, inclusion and ethics, such as:

  • Building on transparency and shared governance.
  • Promoting equity, participation and belonging.
  • Promoting professional ethical conduct.


CEET has the following initiatives in place to enhance the experience of our diverse cohorts and support the unique needs of our students.

  • Engineering "Ted" talks and workshops – Each month, talks will be provided by different student organizations with topics designed to stimulate discussions that inspire and support the academic experience.   
  • Marketing strategies to increase the number of women students and students of color – Students will help will outreach efforts to underserved groups by participating in recruiting events and making connections to teachers and student organizations at their alma mater high schools.  
  • Culture nights – Monthly events where groups of students will share their cultures’ food and traditions.   

Ethnic distribution of undergraduates for fall 2023:

Demographic Percentage in the College
Asian 7.62%
Black 14.46%
Hispanic 27.70%
White 43.65%
Nonresident alien 3.07%
2+ races 2.28%
American/Alaskan Indigenous 0.35%
Unknown 0.88%

As of fall 2023, 16.39% of full-time undergraduate and graduate engineering students are female. 

DEI Talks

Collins Aerospace

Special thanks to Collins Aerospace for their sponsorship of the CEET DEI initiatives.

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