Sahar Vahabzadeh, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Office Location: EB 120
Office Phone: 815-753-9379


  • Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Washington State University (2016)
  • M.S. in metals and materials engineering, Isfahan University of Technology (2007)
  • B.S. in metals and materials engineering, Isfahan University of Technology (2005)

Research Interests

  • Tissue engineering
  • Design, synthesis and characterization of bioceramics and biopolymers
  • 3D printing and bioplotting
  • Drug delivery
  • In vitro cell-biomaterial interaction
  • In vivo tissue-biomaterial interaction

Awards and Honors

  • MME Outstanding Researcher Award, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Washington State University (2016)
  • Travel grant from the Graduate and Professional Student Association, Washington State University (2016 and 2014)
  • First place in Graduate Student Poster Competition, Materials Science and Technology (2015)
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture (2015)
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (2014)
  • Golden Key International Honour Society (2014)
  • American Ceramic Society President's Council of Student Advisors delegate (2013)

Leadership and Service

  • Reviewer, Materials Science and Engineering: C Materials for Biological Applications, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
  • Club advisor, NIU Society of Women Engineers (2016-present)
  • Graduate officer, WSU Society of Women Engineers (2014-2016)
  • Judge, Society of Women Engineers Region J Conference Poster Competition (2015)

Professional Societies

  • Society for Biomaterials
  • Material Advantage
  • Society of Women Engineers


Book Chapter

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics, S. Bose, S. Vahabzadeh, D. Ke, A. Bandyopadhyay, Additive Manufacturing (Taylor and Francis, 2015)

Journal Papers

  • Haley Cummings, Weiguo Han, Sahar Vahabzadeh, Sherine Elsawa, “Cobalt Doped Brushite Cement; Preparation, Characterization, and In Vitro Interaction with Osteosarcoma Cells”. JOM. DOI:10.1007/s11837-017-2376-9, 2017.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh and Susmita Bose, “Effects of iron on physical and mechanical properties, and osteoblast cell interaction in β-tricalcium phosphate”, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, DOI: 10.1007/s10439-016-1724-1, 2016. .
  • Amit Bandyopadhyay, Sahar Vahabzadeh, Anish Shivaram, and Susmita Bose, “3D printing of biomaterials and soft materials”, MRS Bulletin, 40(12), 1162-1169. 2015.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, Mangal Roy, Susmita Bose, “Effects of silicon on osteoclast cell mediated degradation, in vivo osteogenesis and vasculogenesis of brushite cement”, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3, 8973-8982, 2015.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, Amit Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Bose, Rakesh Mandal and Samit Kumar Nandi, “IGF-loaded silicon and zinc doped brushite cement: physico-mechanical characterization and in vivo osteogenesis evaluation”, Integrative Biology, 7, 1561-1573, 2015.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, Vaughn Kohsei Hack, S. Bose, “Lithium doped β-tricalcium phosphate: effects on physical, mechanical and in vitro osteoblast cell-material interactions”, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, 2015, DOI: 10.1002/jbm.b.33485.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, M. Roy, A. Bandyopadhyay, S. Bose, “Phase stability and biological property evaluation of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings for orthopedic and dental applications”, Acta Biomaterialia, 17, 47-55, 2015.
  • S. Bose, Sahar Vahabzadeh and A. Bandyopadhyay, “Bone tissue engineering using 3D printing”: Review Paper, Materials Today, 16(12), 496-504, 2013.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, J. Edgington, S. Bose, “Tricalcium phosphate and tricalcium phosphate/polycaprolactone particulate composite for controlled release of protein”, Materials Science and Engineering: C, 33 (7), 3576-3582, 2013.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, M. A. Golozar, F. Ashrafizadeh, “Effect of annealing on microstructure of CuO-doped (Zr0.8Sn0.2)TiO4”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 509 (4), 1129-1132, 2011.

Conference Papers and Contributions

  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, Amit Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Bose, Iron Doped Tricalcium Phosphates: Physical Properties and Osteoblast Cell Interaction, MS&T 2015, Oral Presentation, Columbus, OH.
  • Susmita Bose, Solaiman Tarafder, Sahar Vahabzadeh, Samit Nandi, William Dernell , Amit Bandyopadhyay, 3D Printed Tricalcium Phosphate Scaffolds: SrO and SiO2 Doping for Enhanced Osteogenesis and Angiogenesis, MS&T 2015, Oral Presentation, Columbus, OH.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, Susmita Bose, Vitamin C Coated Tricalcium Phosphate: In Vitro Interaction with Osteoblast Cells, MS&T 2015, Poster Presentation, Columbus, OH.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, S. Bose, Vitamin C Release from Polycaprolactone Coated Tricalcium Phosphate and Its Interaction with Osteoblast Cells, Wiley Research Exposition, Washington State University, 2015.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, M. Roy, S. Bose, Effect of Silica Doping on Physical, Mechanical and In Vivo Osteogenic Properties of Brushite Cements, MS&T 2014, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, S. Tarafder, S. Bose, Osteoblast Differentiation in SrO and MgO Doped Tricalcium Phosphate; Gene Expression Study, Society of Biomaterials Science 2014, Denver, CO.
  • Sahar Vahabzadeh, M. Roy, S. Bose, Effect of Silica Doping on Microstructural and Biological Properties of Brushite Cements, Society of Biomaterials Science 2013, Boston, MA, USA, Presented.

Sahar Vahabzadeh