Robert A. Tatara, Ph.D.

Title: Professor
Department: Engineering Technology
Office Location: SG 212
Office Phone: 815-753-1130


  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University (1983)
  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University (1981)
  • B.S.Ch.E. in Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University (1978)

Research Interests

  • Properties of bioplastics
  • Polymer-based composites
  • Compression molding
  • Rapid prototyping
  • HVAC and applied thermo-fluids

Professional Associations and Honors

Coordinator for the local student chapter of the Society of Plastics Engineers, 2002-present.

Selected Publications

  • Transient Temperature Distribution in a Three-cavity, Tensile Bar Compression Mold, Academic Journal of Manufacturing Engineering 18(3), pp. 243-250, 2020, with J. F. Helsper, A. J. Kraft, D. P. McCormick, M. R. O’Day, and S. J. Mohammed.
  • Reassessing Polytropic Compressor Calculations of ASME PTC 10, Energy Management Research Journal 3(1), pp. 13-28, 2020, with R. A. Wilsak.
  • Design and Construction of a Compact, Portable, All-electric, 185-kg Scissor Lift, Academic Journal of Manufacturing Engineering 16(1), pp. 43-48, 2018.
  • Chapter 14˗˗Compression Molding, In: Myer Kutz (Ed.), Applied Plastics Engineering Handbook: Processing, Materials, and Applications, 2nd Edition, Elsevier Inc., New York, pp. 291-320, 2017.
  • Algal Biomass for Water Clean-up - A Slightly Different Twist on Algae, Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Management 2017 Annual Conference, Huntsville, AL, October 18-21, 2017, with N. Ziemer, S. Grayburn, G. Holbrook, and S. Long.
  • Potential for Reuse of E-Plastics through Processing by Compression Molding, Challenges 7(13), pp. 1-17, May, 2016, with W. J. Mills.
  • Introducing Bio-based Additive Manufacturing to an Engineering Facility, Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Management, 2015 International Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN, October 7-10, 2015, with N. Ziemer.
  • Exporting a U.S. University’s Plastics Technology Course to a Malaysian Engineering Technology Program, Journal of Materials Education 36(1-2), pp. 11-24, 2014.
  • Use of Microalga Monoraphidium sp. Grown in Wastewater as a Feedstock for Biodiesel: Cultivation and Fuel Characteristics, Applied Energy 131, pp. 385-393, 2014, with G. P. Holbrook, Z. Davidson, N. L. Ziemer, K. A. Rosentrater, and W. S. Grayburn.
  • Tensile Strength, Elongation, Hardness, and Tensile and Flexural Moduli of Injection-Molded TPS Filled with Glycerol-Plasticized DDGS, Journal of Polymers and the Environment 21(3), pp. 623-630, 2013, with S. C. Clarizio.
Robert A. Tatara

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