Reinaldo J. Moraga, Ph.D.

Title: Interim Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Department: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Office Location: EB 232
Office Phone: 815-753-8048


  • Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, University of Central Florida (2002) 
  • M.S. in Manufacturing Systems, University of Central Florida (1999)
  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Universidad del Bío Bío, Chile (1992)
  • B.S. in Wood Manufacturing Engineering, Universidad del Bío Bío, Chile (1988)

Research Interests

  • Simulation Models
  • Applied Operations Research
  • Scheduling and Meta-heuristics
  • Supply Chain Management

Selected Projects

  • Powertrain Improvement Through Simulation Modeling, funded by Caterpillar Inc.
  • Regional Transportation Simulation Tool for Evacuation Planning (RTSTEP), funded by The City of Chicago (OEMC) and TRACC-Argonne National Laboratory (Collaboration).

Professional Associations and Honors

  • 2021 ETAS/Senior Design Award, First Place (Faculty Coach)
  • 2012 IIE/ARENA Student Simulation Competition, Third Place Winner (Faculty Advisor)
  • Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (2000-present)
  • 2003 IIE/Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award, Third Place

Selected Publications

  • Rabiei Hosseinabad, E., and Moraga R. The Evaluation of Renewable Energy Predictive Modeling in Energy Dependency Reduction: A System Dynamics Approach, International J. Appl. Management Science 12(1):1, 2020.
  • Nodooshan, K.G., Moraga R.J., Chen S-J., Nguyen C., Wang Z., and Mohseni S. Environmental and Economic Optimization of Algal Biofuel Supply Chain with Multiple Technological Pathways, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 57, 20, 6910–6925, 2018.
  • Sadaqa, M., Moraga R.J. Scheduling Blocking Flow Shops Using Meta-RaPS, Procedia Computer Science (by Elsevier) 61, 533-538, 2015.
  • Moraga, R., Meta-Heuristic for Randomized Priority Search: A Tutorial. Rabadi (Ed.), Heuristics, Meta-heuristics and Approximate Methods in Planning and Scheduling, Springer, 2015.
Reinaldo J. Moraga
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