Jenn-Terng Gau, Ph.D.

Title: Professor and Graduate Director
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Office Location: EB 218
Office Phone: 815-753-1261


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University (1999)
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla (1994)
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan Institute of Technology (1990)

Research Interests

  • Sheet/foil metal forming
  • Forging
  • Microforming
  • Adiabatic impact net-shape forming
  • Adiabatic impact powder forming
  • High strain rate deformation

Selected Projects

  • "Modern Manufacturing Education: A Collaborative Teaching and Learning Experiment," National Science Foundation
  • “Thin Ferritic Sheet Forming Limit Tests Using Micro Grids and Small Size Dome”, General Motors Company, 1/2014-10/2014
  • "PVD Coating Process Parameters Study," General Motors Company
  • "Thin Titanium Sheet Formability and Material Properties Evaluation", General Motors Company
  • “Micro Scale Tests on Behalf of General Motors”, General Motors Company, 3/2011-9/2011
  • “Design for Manufacturability”, Caterpillar Inc., 9/2010-5/2011
  • “Collaborative Research: Modern Manufacturing Education - A Collaborative Teaching and Learning Experiment”, NSF/CCLI, 7/2010-6/2012
  • “Research and Development of Micro-assembly Systems”, MIRDC, 7/2007-6/2011
  • “Progressive Die Design”, PI, Hoffman Tool & Die, 9/13/2005-9/12/2006
  • “Micro Forming Program Phase 123b”, Alion Science and Technology, 8/1/2005-2/28/2006
  • “Optimal Grooving Chisel Points”, Driv-Lok, 6/1/2005-12/31/2006
  • “FEA Analysis of Split Dowels”, Driv-Lok, 1/1/2005-12/31/2005

Selected Publications

  • Gau, J.-T., Teegala, S., Huang, K.-M., Hsiao, T.-J., and Lin, B.-T. “Using micro deep drawing with ironing stages to form stainless steel 304 micro cups,” Journal of Manufacturing Processes Vol. 15 (2) (2013): 298-305.
  • Gau, J.-T., Chen, P.-H., Gu, H., and Lee, R.S., “The coupling influence of size effects and strain rates on the formability of austenitic stainless steel 304 foil,” Journal of Materials Processing Technology Vol. 213 (3) (2013): 376-382.
  • Chen, Y. J., Lee, R.S., and Gau, J.-T., Formability Evaluation by Novel Specimen Designs in Sheet Metal Forming with Two-Step Strain Paths,” Journal of Engineering Manufacture Vol. 227 (2013) 144-152.
  • Chen, C.-H., Lee, R.S., and Gau, J.-T., “Size Effect and Forming Limit Strain Prediction for Micro Sheet Metal Forming of Stainless Steel 304,” The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design Vol. 45 (4) (2010) 283-299.
  • Gau, J.-T., Paritala, P., and Wu, M.-S., “Using FEA Simulation to Design Multi-stage Micro Dies to Form Stainless Steel 304 Micro Tubes,” Transactions of the NAMRI/SME Vol. 38 (2010): 507-514.
  • Chen, C.-H., Gau, J.-T., and Lee, R.S., “An Experimental and Analytical Study on the Limit Drawing Ratio of Stainless Steel 304 Foils for Micro Sheet Forming,” Journal of Materials and Manufacturing Processes Vol. 24 (12) (2009): 1256 -1265.
  • Gau, J.-T., Chen, C.-H., and Yang, Z., “Studying Micro Deep Drawing Process Through Drawing Brass Micro Cups,” Transactions of the NAMRI/SME Vol. 37 (2009): 301-308.
  • Wang J., Goel, A., Yang, F., and Gau, J.-T., “Blank Optimization for Sheet Metal Forming Using Multi-stage Finite Element Simulations,” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Vol. 40 (7-8) (2008): 709-720.
  • Chen, C.-H., Gau, J.-T., Yu, M., and Yang, Z., “A Study on Forming Micro Aluminum Pins by using a Micro Forward-Backward Extrusion Die,” Transactions of the NAMRI/SME Vol. 36 (2008): 49-55.
  • Wang, J., Verma, S., Alexander, R., and Gau, J.-T., "Springback control of sheet metal air bending process." Journal of Manufacturing Processes Vol. 10(1) (2008): 21-27.
  • Gau, J.-T., Principe, C., and Yu, M., “Springback Behavior of Brass in Micro Sheet Forming,” Journal of Material Processing Technology Vol. 191(1-3) (2007): 7-10.
  • Gau, J.-T.,Principe, C., and Wang, J., “An Experimental Study on Size Effects on Flow Stress and Formability of Aluminum and Brass for Microforming,” Journal of Material Processing Technology Vol. 184(1-3) (2007): 42-46.
  • Gau, J.-T., Dye, A., Gaddam, Y., and Arciuch. C., "Applying forming simulation to process and tooling designs for minimizing in split dowel manufacturing." The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Vol. 35(5-6) (2007): 423-433.
  • Gau, J.-T., and Kinzel, G., "A New Model for Springback Prediction for Aluminum Sheet Forming," Transactions of the ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology Vol. 127(3) (2005): 279 – 288.
  • Gau, J.-T., and Kinzel, G., "An Experimental Investigation of the Influence of the Bauschinger Effect on Springback Predictions," Journal of Materials Processing Technology Vol. 108 (2001): 369-375.
  • Gau, J.-T., and Kinzel, G., "A new model for springback prediction in which the Bauschinger effect is considered." International Journal of Mechanical Sciences Vol. 43(8) (2001): 1813-1832.

Professional Associations and Honors


Work Experience

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIU (2004-present)
  • Harley-Davidson Motor Company-Styled Surfaces - Technical Staff Engineer (Metal Forming R&D) (2002-2003)
  • Ford Motor Company -Aluminum Technology - Research Engineer (New Metal Forming Technology R&D) (2000-2002)
  • Ford Motor Company - C3P development/implementation/training - Stamping Engineer (1996-2000)
Jenn-Terng Gau

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