Nonconfidential Resources

These resources can assist you if you experience sexual misconduct, though they can't promise confidentiality. Some NIU employees are considered responsible employees. If you tell them about the incident, they're required to report it to the Title IX coordinator. Please be aware that telling nonconfidential resources what happened to you can lead to an investigation, even if you don't give identifying information.

NIU Resources

Community Resources

  • Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital: Go to the emergency room for immediate medical attention. When you arrive, a technician will greet you at the reception desk, assess your condition, and determine next steps. The hospital is located at 1 Kish Hospital Dr., DeKalb.
  • DeKalb Police Department: The department is committed to reducing crime and enhancing quality of life through partnership with the community. Call 815-748-8400 or go to 700 W. Lincoln Hwy., DeKalb.
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