What To Expect If You Are Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Individuals accused of engaging in sexual misconduct in violation of the university’s Sexual Misconduct Policy have rights at Northern Illinois University and will be treated with dignity and respect throughout the university’s investigation process. After the Ethics and Compliance Office receives a formal sexual misconduct complaint:

  • An investigator from the Ethics and Compliance Office will contact you and the complainant (the person who filed the complaint) via email within a few business days explaining that a complaint has been filed and a formal investigation has begun.
  • The investigator will interview the complainant. You won’t be present during this interview, but you will be made aware of what the complainant said during the investigation process.
  • The investigator will meet with you in a private setting to talk about the allegations and to obtain your version of what happened.
    • You may have a support person, such as an advocate or friend, present.
    • You may also have an advisor present.
  • The investigator will also collect witness statements and other evidence (pictures, texts, etc.).
  • Both you and the complainant will receive a summary of all of the evidence collected during the investigation and have an opportunity to respond to it.

Resolution Options

  • The matter may be informally resolved if you, the complainant, and the Title IX coordinator agree on an informal resolution.
  • If an informal resolution is not reached, there will be a live hearing.
    • During this hearing, you and the complainant will both be present, each with your own advisor.
    • The purpose of the hearing is so that a hearing officer can decide whether or not you violated the university’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.
    • If a determination is made that you did violate the university’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, the hearing officer will decide what sanctions will be imposed.
    • You and the complainant both have the right to appeal the decision and sanctions.


There are various on-campus resources available to you:

Counseling and Consultation Services (for students)
Campus Life Building 200
815- 753-1206

Employee Assistance Program (for employees)
Holmes Student Center, 7th Floor

Ombudsperson (for employees or students)
Holmes Student Center, 6th floor
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